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Work Out your Workout Routine with Class Pass

Work Out your Workout Routine with Class Pass

The problem of repetitive workouts? Well, they don’t challenge your body. But what’s equally important is that you may begin to dread workouts rather than look forward to them. With a Class Pass membership, you can have access to some of New York’s top studios. Ranging from ab workouts to zumba- you’ll never fall into a 30 minute elliptical and sit-up routine again.

Class Pass describes itself as an alternate gym membership. For $99 a month, a member can visit as many studios in their city by simply browsing and reserving classes. Typically new classes are added at 12 p.m. one week before the workout date. While Class Pass has two distinguishing limitations, they actually serve as a way to motivate and challenge members.

First, if a member decides to cancel a class, without a 24 hour notice, they are subject to a $20 cancellation fee. Obviously these can add up, so you may be more hesitant to skip your workouts. Second, members can visit the same venue only three times per month. However, members can approach this as an opportunity to experiment with their workouts.

Co-founders Payal Kadakia and Mary Biggins created Class Pass to make workout classes accessible and engaging. When browsing studios, members can look at schedules, teachers, reviews, and pro tips. Social media accounts also share motivational, insightful, and hilarious posts. In addition to New York, residents of Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago can “Live the Sweaty Life.”

 Are you signed up for Class Pass? Which class would you like to try first?

Jacqueline Till
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