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Workplace Fitness Challenge for Results and Team Building

Workplace Fitness Challenge for Results and Team Building

A fitness challenge can be the perfect way to get in-shape with the people you spend the most time with: your coworkers. Now, creating a workplace fitness challenge is harder than it seems. People workout differently: some people go to the gym while others go to classes. And then there’s the issue of monitoring. If the entire office doesn’t have a fitness tracker (although they should) people can easily deceive others.We’ve provided the instructions, along with some tips, so you can have an effective, fun challenge! And may the most-fit (but mostly most-competitive) person win!

Here’s the tried and true workplace fitness challenge.

First Steps:

  • Determine a start and end date. We recommend a 90 day maximum.
  • Agree on the cost to enter. We recommend $25 a month: a reasonable amount to increase participation.
  • Create a sign up list. Post/share one week before competition begins.
  • Collect money upfront (monthly and *penalty fee- see below). This way, the winner can collect their earnings uninhibited.
  • Set limits. Define what a workout counts as, and what doesn’t.



The Contest:

A workplace fitness challenge must remain fundamental. Rather than losing weight-which varies by gender, age and body type- a specific time will be the fairest measurable. We recommend 30 minutes minimum workout/ maximum 1 workout counted per day. A half an hour  is short enough to squeeze into a busy day, but long enough to get health benefits. However, with this low of a workout time people may be going every day (if the prize is appealing). Consider 45 minutes to 1 hour if you want a more substantial time period, with less days a week. Need more context? Take a look at this reference point from health.gov.



Tracking Methods:

Competitive office? Then make sure everyone agrees on a tracking methods. And each person should have a buddy to confirm workouts. Then, create a sheet to log the competition dates and who worked out. This will motivate people to stay in the lead. To accommodate for different workouts and technology, workouts can be logged by:

    • Screen shots of FitBit
    • Screen shots of ClassPass bookings
    • Time lapse video
    • Picture at gym (must be validated by buddy with time of entrance and departure. Photos must include time, like the TV news channel)



Enact a Penalty Fee:

If your competition is a few months and people realize they don’t have a chance to win, they will stop working out completely. A penalty fee can be instated as the minimum workouts. We recommend equaling this to 3 times a week. Anyone that doesn’t hit this minimum has to pay! We recommend an additional $25 or $50. Seems harsh?



Split the Earnings:

Before the contest, decide how much first, second and third place will be. Don’t forget to clearly agree on what happens if there’s a tie. If using a penalty fee, split the earnings based off of percentages since the amount will vary based on people’s ability to hit the minimum.



Good Luck!
Workplace fitness challenges can be a lot of fun. People will constantly discuss the changes they are feeling- in their weight, skin, sleeping habits, and happiness. While the competitive edge makes it fun, don’t lose site of the varies benefits to frequent workouts!