Online Yoga Classes: Yoga with Adriene

Online Yoga Classes: Yoga with Adriene


Finding motivation to workout every day can be difficult. But the benefits of exercising, not to mention yoga, have been universally recognized. To help you get started, check your inbox. Yes, your email’s inbox. Yoga with Adriene shares free online yoga classes to start your yoga journey at home. Since 2012, Adriene has been leading home workout yoga videos and building online communities to replace expensive, intimidating and inconvenient in-person classes.

Although originally launched for the new year, newcomers can still join the #30daysofyoga program. The 20-30 minute videos walk you through movements and breathing exercises. The free, at home service can be exactly what you need! Adriene encourages people to use the hashtag to find other fans. Her helpful instruction, positive attitude and quirky personality make for a fun gym alternative.

People around the world have praised Adriene for her online lessons. Her YouTube channel holds more than 100 videos, but Adriene also shares targeted, specific programs. Adriene’s online, for-purchase, lessons include downloadable programs, high-quality videos, daily emails for inspiration, and a program-exclusive online community. These programs include:



  • Reboot- a restarting/refreshing program ($47)
  • Empower- a power yoga program ($97)
  • Prenatal Yoga- an expecting mothers program ($37)


There are plenty of benefits to online and at home workouts; people don’t need to worry and stress as much about scheduling, traveling, cost, and wardrobe. The privacy at your own home is also great for yoga beginners. But if you prefer in-person classes, you can start with online ones to build your confidence. Will you give YWA a try? If you are already engaged with Adriene, what do you think of the online communities? Please comment and let us know your thoughts!

Jacqueline Till
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